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  • Electromagnetic transitions of hyperons in a relativistic quark model
    T. Van Cauteren, D. Merten, T. Corthals, B.Metsch, H.-R. Petry, , J. Ryckebusch
  • Nuclear transparencies in relativistic A(e,e'p) models
    J. Ryckebusch, P. Lava, M.C. Martinez, J.A. Caballero and J.M. Udias
  • A relativistic Glauber approach to polarization transfer in 4He(e,e'p)
    P. Lava, J. Ryckebusch and B. Van Overmeire
    • PDF
    • e-Print: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 55 (2005), 437-439.
  • Spin-dependent neutrino-induced nucleon knockout
    N. Jachowicz, K. Vantournhout, J. Ryckebusch, K.Heyde
  • Polarization transfer in 4He(e,e'p) and 16O(e,e'p) in a relativistic Glauber model
    P. Lava, J. Ryckebusch, B. Van Overmeire and S. Strauch
  • Electromagnetic form factors of hyperons in a relativistic quark model
    T. Van Cauteren, T. Corthals, S. Janssen, J. Ryckebusch, D. Merten, B.Metsch and H.-R. Petry
    • PDF
    • e-Print: Proceedings of the Conference on the Physics of Excited Nucleons, (NSTAR'04), Grenoble (France), March 24-27, 2004, in press.
  • Survey of A LT' asymmetries in semi-exclusive electron scattering on 4He and 12C
    D. Protopopescu and the CLAS Collaboration, D.Debruyne, J. Ryckebusch
  • Comparison between the transverse responses of the reactions 12 C(e,e'p) 11 B and 12 C(&gamma,p) 11 B
    S.A. Morrow, J. Arneil, E.C. Ashenauer, M.F. van Batenburg,H.P. Blok, D.J. Boersma, D. Branford, T. Davinson, G. DeMeyer,J.E. Ducret, W.H.A. Hesselink, D. Groep, K. Hicks, D.G. Ireland,N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, L. Lapik'{a}s, M. Liang, J. Mackenzie,C. Marchand, R. Medaglia, J. Ryckebusch, M. van Sambeek,R. Starink, G. van der Steenhoven, M.A. van Uden, H. deVries
  • Relativistic QuarkModels for Baryons : The Extraordinary World of Ordinary Matter(Awarded with the Belgian Physical Society Scientific Prize 2004)
    Tamara Corthals
  • Identifying neutrinos and antineutrinos in neutral-current scattering reactions
    N. Jachowicz, K. Vantournhout, J. Ryckebusch, K.Heyde
  • The dynamics of the quasieleastic 16O(e,e'p) reaction at Q2=0.8 GeV2
    K.G. Fissum and the Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration,J.M. Udias, J.R. Vignote, J. Ryckebusch and D. Debruyne
  • Probing nucleon-nucleon correlations with (e,e'p) and (e,e'pp) reactions
    Jan Ryckebusch
    • PDF
    • e-Print: Proceedings of EEP03 "Probing Nucleons and Nuclei via the (e,e'p) reaction" (LPSC Grenoble, France, October 14-17, 2003) (2004), Editors E.Voutier, J.-M. Laget and D.W. Higinbotham, p200-212.
  • Nuclear transparencies in relativistic A(e,e'p) models
    P. Lava, M.C. Martinez, J. Ryckebusch, J.A. Caballero and J.M. Udias
  • A Genetic Algorithm Analysis of N* Resonances in p(&gamma,K +)&Lambda Reactions
    D.G. Ireland, S. Janssen,and J.Ryckebusch
  • Electric and magnetic form factors of strange baryons
    Tim Van Cauteren, Dirk Merten, Tamara Corthals, Stijn Janssen, BernardMetsch, Herbert-R. Petry and Jan Ryckebusch
  • The 16O(e,e'pp)14C reaction to discrete final states
    Jan Ryckebusch and Wim Van Nespen
  • Final-state interactions of relativistic protons
    J. Ryckebusch, P. Lava and B. Van Overmeire
  • Relativistic formulation of Glauber theory for A(e,e'p) reactions
    J. Ryckebusch, D. Debruyne, P. Lava, S. Janssen, B. Van Overmeire and T. Van Cauteren
  • Strangeness production on the nucleon
    Stijn Janssen and Jan Ryckebusch
  • Constraints on background contributions from K +Λ electroproduction
    Stijn Janssen, Jan Ryckebusch and Tim Van Cauteren